Sicilian cuisine is the style of cooking that has a lot in common with Italian cuisine. The Sicilian cuisine also has a lot of Greek, Spanish, French and Arab influences. Modica is uniquely famous for their chocolate, but that culinary treat is just for openers. This small city boasts over 100 restaurants where one can buy good to great food at relatively modest prices. An Italian dinner for 2 with a liter carafe of local wine will set you back only 25-30 euros including tax and tip at the La Contea. It is located in the city center, but regardless of where and how you arrive, you will pass a half dozen charming restaurants walking the short distance to the alleyway where its located. There are countless cafes and gelato shops, and any number of wine and spirits bars. Modica boasts an active nightlife in the summer and an otherwise busy small city activity in-between.

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